About Sino Finance

Sino Finance is an independent project financing advisory firm, specialising in the utilisation of trade and project credit insurance funding instruments.

What we actually do...

  • Our primary role is to broker the procurement of insurance backed trade and project financing funding solutions.

  • We source projects through 3rd party advisers, who play a role in the assistance of brokering transactions.
  • We get paid a fee to present and sell the project on the clients behalf to such insurance backed project financiers, and then where required, assist the financier by providing lending administrative and management services (management of drawdowns for instance)

The role we play...

  • We provide project advisory due diligence services on behalf of clients, which are then presented to trade and project credit insurance agencies throughout China.

  • We follow a prescribed criteria, we align the project to this criteria and then assist in the preparation and procurement of project funding for clients.

Why we are needed...

  • We actually do a lot of the due diligence on behalf of such trade and project credit insurance financiers.

  • We align the criteria to ensure the process has integrity and timeframes for assessment are quicker.

  • We can procure end to end finding solutions for clients because we know what's needed and who to get it from. 

  • This has taken us collectively, years of relationship building and results in China.

What is expected of us?

  • We take your IM and align it to the credit policy of various trade and project credit insurance financiers.

  • We handle all translation and sign off of such material.

  • We then personally submit and sell the project directly to such insurance financiers. We do not deal via other 3rd party brokers.

  • We negotiate final funding terms, in conjunction with the introducing party (often a key advisor) and you, the client.

  • We actively are involved in the ongoing reporting process to funders (where required).

What makes us different?

  • We have direct relationships with government owned trade and project insurance based lenders. This has taken years of relationship building, successful submission of trade credit insurance financing, sublime knowledge of trade credit insurance products.

  • We have direct understanding of their credit policies. We can align a project to these policies for increased success rates and quicker turnaround times.

  • We physically go and present your project. We do submission presentations in 6 week intervals. We handle the finer points and organise the procurement of the loan.

Why no contact details on our site?

  • We work with trusted advisers who have direct relationships with end clients. Our advisers partner with us to broker transactions where both parties benefit.

  • Trusted advisers hold positions of strength with clients and the negotiation of transactions. And this platform gives them confidence that the services we offer and the funding vehicles we can create offer genuine value to their clients.