Consumables Finance

When implementing the Consumables Export-Import Support Program, Sino Fulfils fulfils its mission and considers individual specific features of counterparty and project selection criteria and the focus of financing for generating added value and sustainable development of trade.

Under the Export-Import Support Program, Sino Finance applies both single-tier lending scheme, where financing is granted directly to an exporter or importer under project financing, and two-tier lending scheme, which refers to providing support to entities engaged in foreign economic activities via the system of agents (financial intermediaries).


  • Goods to either exported or imported to / from China.

  • license authorizing activities in accordance with a counterparty's profile;

  • positive audit reports for the most recent reporting period;

  • positive business reputation;

  • credit rating (if any) taking into consideration specific features of the member states;

  • a portfolio of implemented export-import projects;

  • compliance of goals and objectives of the counterparty with the lenders principles and priorities;

  • consent obtained for credit provision (‘no objection’) if potential counterparty has pending court proceedings with governmental structures.